As I continue to build and grow my business, I wanted to stay transparent with how I go about making charitable contributions from my art sales. Previously, I had a model where I created smaller pieces and as I charge per square inch, my gross profit was nominal. I held a charitable donation model where I donated 30% of the month's gross profits to an organization that fights against human trafficking, giving to the same organization per that season.

Moving forward in my practice, I have been working with larger scale acrylic pieces that are priced at a fair but higher value. Due to increased expenses and sustainability, I am changing my charitable contribution from 30% of each month's gross sales to 10% of the gross profit from each individual sale. Ten percent of the higher value of my artwork is more than I was able to give before, satisfying both my needs and my commitment to supporting charitable organizations.

Thank you for your business!

-NIRVANI HARRIRAM, artist & owner

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