How Era-Design Will Take Over in 2023

How Era-Design Will Take Over in 2023

The chaos of the past few years is giving rise to era-design, a trend that pulls from nostalgia and familiar elements to bring a sense of control, stability, and joy.

If 2022 was the year of apocalyptic early 2000s style, then 2023 is the breakout year of all nostalgic fashion. From spandex and shoulder pads to even baggier cargo denim, designers are pulling from any fashion era that drums up an excitement for self-expression.

This brand embraces a 1970s style chunky typeface and a brown color palette that was popular during that time period as society embraced more simple, earthy, and comforting designs. 

By LaCalombe

This brand plays with 1930’s-style poster illustration designs. They take on a hand-painted quality with directness and precision but are uplifted with playful colors. 

By Vacation

This brand brings back a fondness for sizzling 80s branding. Using classic reds and serif paired with retro script, they capture the heat of 80s lifestyle and leisure. 

By MadHappy

This brand brings together 1970’s athletic varsity aesthetics and styles them with late 80’s and early 90’s trends.


By Rubirosa
This brand uses a 1920’s style design with an Art Deco font and pattern.

We run to the familiar when things become too distracting and chaotic. It’s no surprise that 2023’s most anticipated films play on this nostalgia with movies like Barbie, Super Mario Bros, and Indiana Jones coming to theaters. We’ll see a lot of era-design elements coming up as people seek more connection and relatability in the coming year. 

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