Most Unique Candle Holders 2022

Tapered candles, a traditional home accessory that originated in biblical times, has re-emerged as a design trend. Can you believe that it’s been almost forty years since Tom Cruise slid around lip-syncing into a candle holder in 1983’s ‘Risky Business?’ Candles regained popularity in the 80’s and who knows, maybe it was because of all the mood-setting, Madonna, and odes to vintage like lace and one-pieces. The 90’s were all about scented candles, and um, thank you Bath & Body Works for that craze. 

Now we’re seeing the tapered candle trend come back in the 2020’s—It seems so futuristic to say that. These tall candles are classic and versatile, adding a cozy ambiance to any home style. I compiled a list of 13 stand-out candle holders but there are many wonderfully unique pieces out there so I may add to this at some point!

Salamat Ceramics Candle Holder 

This minimalist holder in natural stoneware comes in a variety of heights and sizes. It takes up little space and hey cool, it’s made in

Latch Key’s Ceremony Candelabra 

This beautiful ceramic vessel makes your candle the main event, featuring elegant curves and tiers that add a modern touch. 

Full Circle Concrete Candle Holder 

A circular, solid candle holder is a unique centerpiece. The holder is handmade and comes in a variety of bohemian earthy colors.

Set of 3 Donut Ceramic Candle Holders

I added these organic ceramic holders to the list because of their thick, bubble shape design. Their retro aesthetic are great for an eclectic look.

Minimalist Candelabra by Studio Brae

This stately black clay piece with white specks is a work of art that blends timelessness and modernity. 

Janelle Gramling Noodle Double Candle Holder

This abstract and playful piece adds whimsy with style. If you’re looking for something that looks sculptural in its essence, this is probably for you. 

Urban Nature Culture Candle Holders

These jewel-toned holders are made of recycled glass which I think is neat. I enjoy their mid-century vibe which I feel is coming back as eccentric design is becoming popular again. 

U Candle Holder

This asymmetric holder is sculptural and bold. It’s masculine and yet meek with a stand-alone minimalist shape. 

Forevermore Dual Candle Holder

According to its description, this piece is curved in a ‘U’ shape to represent unity. I think that’s a beautiful design concept that makes this a meaningful gift idea. 

Anemone Candle Holder

This handmade BPA-free resin holder is so simple and bare that it allows you to play with different candle color combinations. 

Talia Candle Holder

This curved, elegant piece reminds me of the beauty of organic form. It has a light, airy quality that adds calmness to the atmosphere. 

Gaia Spiral Candle Holder

Okay, maybe I have an affinity for mid-century modern design but this glass holder is sensational. It’s playful, retro, and would work great in small spaces. 

Bella Maplewood Candle Holder

And finally, these wooden holders in maple, cherry, and walnut have a modern artisanal feel. I always love including elements of natural wood throughout the home. 

Whether you prefer playful shapes or modern minimalist designs, tapered candle love is becoming a welcomed 2022 home trend. The home is clearly a safe-haven now more than ever and little touches to make it warmer, cozier, and enjoyable are seriously worth it. 

As mentioned, I do not own any of the above product images nor do I have any affiliation with their associated companies or brands.