Making: The Same Cloth

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The Same Cloth is a contemporary abstract painting that was inspired by the 1990 American Western film, Dances With Wolves. Around the fourth of July, I was browsing Netflix and saw the film title and remembered it as a movie culture references but I actually never saw it. As I watched it for the first time, I had so many conflicting feelings for obvious reasons, being a proud American but also understanding the extreme loss of a magnificent people.

Watching this movie, I was moved not only by its content but the stunning cinematography. I really felt the night; I felt the morning; I felt that unpredictable relationship between man and earth. What touched me the most in this movie, though, was humanity and mankind and the universal curiosity of our nature. Curiosity can be used for greed, hate, discovery, or hopefully, mutual togetherness and respect. For this piece, I wanted to choose colors that I felt in my heart represented the endearing aspects of the film, where an isolated man encounters a tribe that becomes his tribe.

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I chose lilac for merited kindness; blues for empathy, trust, and communication built over time; burgundy for power, for sacrifice; purple for encouragement; burnt umber for pure honesty; and tan for modernity.

This painting took me around two weeks to finish. Every piece seems so familiar to me when it's done. I look at them warmly because it's a vision of my heart for some time until it's complete.

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