Making: The Other Side

Nirvani Brown Art Making The Other Side blog image

The Other Side is an abstract contemporary painting inspired by optimism and a spirit of rebuilding after the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. The entire world is coming out of a field of dark times and with much to speak of, both of loss and of gain. There are places in which the tragedy has not ceased, lacking resources and with paused structural advancement due to lockdown periods; Where misfortune has become a relay race.

As for me, I am personally grateful to have survived along with my family. For this piece, I wanted to focus on positivity and hope met after tragedy, like the sunshine after the rain. I chose colors that called out to me and gave them meaning: Meadow and sage greens for "life," burnt umber for "stability," neutral tans for "tranquility," silver blue for "peace," burgundy for "individuality," lilac for "uplifting," and warm bisque peach for "upbeat."

Nirvani Brown Art Making of The Other Side blog image 2

This painting took me over a week to finish, from laying down a solid coat, then a central base color coat, the actual sectioned-off painted patches, and then the gloss varnish finish.

Nirvani Brown Art Making of The Other Side blog image 3