Designing a Frida Kahlo Inspired Room

As a huge fan of modern art, particularly from the mid to late 1900's, I thought it'd be cool to imagine a living space imbued with elements of artist Frida Kahlo's paintings. Frida is known for her portraits and reflections inspired by nature, Mexican artifacts, and biographical themes. This year, biophilic design is going to be popular as our desire to remain connected to nature in the home has become a passion. We are in a time of appreciation for artisanal nature-sourced home decor and embracing titles like "Plant Mom/ Plant Dad."

Elements of a Frida Kahlo Inspired Room

Statement Vases

In 1939, Frida painted "The Two Fridas," a piece that reflected the loneliness and separation she felt after her divorce with Diego. Her work was always strong and feminine, never trading true pain for an idyllic sense of empathy. In this piece, she features a weathered heart that's been cut off and a whole heart connected to the past. One way to bring this concept into interior design form is through statement red and pink vases with curves and motion.

Feminine Bedding

Frida was a young women in the early 1900's and you can see lots of traditional garb throughout her paintings, including lace and Victorian layered fabrics. Feminine bedding with soft, dainty details fits perfectly in a Kahlo-inspired bedroom.

Nature-Colored Furniture

Choose nature-colored accent pieces for this interior theme. Colors like forest green, chocolate brown, warm tans, and crisp whites reflect the botanical elements of Frida's paintings.

Colonial Wood Furniture

This suggestion is more influenced by Frida's personal life and the period she lived in rather than her actual paintings. Traditional colonial-era woodwork was popular during her time and well-made pieces in dark stain fit this aesthetic perfectly.

Minimalist Glam Sconces

To create a more eclectic space, add modern glam elements to your design, like minimalist sconces with gold accents. You definitely want a stylish balance between new and old.

Wicker and Rattan Furniture

To reference Frida's home country of Mexico, include natural wood elements like wicker and rattan pieces.

Floral-Themed Statement Furniture

You can't think of Kahlo's work without envisioning beautiful references to flowers and nature. Choose a large statement piece that carries a floral element, like a headboard with botanical carved designs.

Botanical Wallpaper

A literal way to bring Frida's paintings to life in your room is to create an accent wall covered in your favorite botanical-themed wallpaper.

Stand-Out Dried Floral Arrangements

Finally, you can't emulate Frida's masterpieces without including floral decor to your design. Whether its real house plants or dried floral arrangements in a bohemian desert palette, flowers are a must.